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Scale Model Sizes

November 29, 2010 Guides Administrator
Ratio Scale foot Comments 1:2500 0.122 mm A European size for naval wargaming ship models. 1:2400 0.127 mm A size for naval wargaming ship models. 1:1250 0.244 mm A European size for ship models. 1:1200 0.254 mm A size for ship and harbor models. 1:720 0.423…
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RLM Conversion chart

September 11, 2011 Painting Guides Declan
RLM Num. Name Mr Colour Humbrol lifecolour polyscale Revell Tamiya Vallejo 01 silber/silver 191 X-11 or XF-16 70.997/171


Kit Review – Hobby Fan German PaK40 Eastern Front Crew, Three Figure Set

May 04, 2011 Scale Armour & Vehicle Reviews Dean
Hobby Fan 562 - German Pak40 Eastern Front Crew To listen to those with an opinion it would seem that resin figures are either one of those things that people love and use almost exclusively, or something people mistrust and think are overpriced so stay away…