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February 14, 2011 Guides GB
"It was many years ago that I first started modeling plastic kits and in those days, photo etch had yet to become a twinkle in Mr Griffon's eye. We had to make do with chunky detail due to the limitation of injection moulding and while that has made…

Painting Techniques for a Realistic Canopy

December 08, 2010 Painting Guides Gary Fowkes
Painting Techniques for a Realistic Canopy A detailed canopy is one of the most attractive features of a finished scale model aircraft. You may want to pay close attention to this part of the process. Smudged frames, scratches, stained or dirty glass and…


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Kit Review – Miniart German Soldiers At Rest

April 15, 2011 Reviews Dean Pattison
35062 – German Soldiers At Rest Miniart is a Ukranian company manufacturing 1/35 injection model kits with their key focus being on diorama buildings and figure sets. Of late they have also begun producing a number of smaller diorama accessories previously…