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Luftwaffe Interior Colors

February 11, 2014 Painting Guides Gary Fowkes
Luftwaffe Interior Colors With the variety of Luftwaffe interior colors used, it is difficult to keep track of what goes where and when. In an effort to assist the scale modeler, we will look at these color selections in two sections, the first dealing with…


February 14, 2011 Guides GB
"It was many years ago that I first started modeling plastic kits and in those days, photo etch had yet to become a twinkle in Mr Griffon's eye. We had to make do with chunky detail due to the limitation of injection moulding and while that has made…


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Book Review – Oliver Publishing : Under The Gun 2 – First Blood, U.S. First Armoured Division In Tunisia

May 02, 2011 Book Reviews Dean Pattison
I have to admit that to date I have made so few WWII U.S. kits that you could most likely count them on one hand and not need the thumb, and for that reason I’m not particularly well versed in who did what, where, and when whilst waving the Stars and Bars. It…

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