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Painting Your German WWII Tanks – A Very Basic Guide

September 12, 2011 Painting Guides Dean
Okay, so if you’re the sort of modeller who goes a little beyond what the instructions say then you’re most likely aware that painting your average German tank is a little more complicated than just painting it dark grey or dark yellow. I’m going to try and…

Salt Weathering

January 03, 2011 Painting Guides Peter Hall
Salt Weathering Simulating paint chips and wear with salt This close up shows how rust had caused the paint on the side of this AFV to flake away. Paint can also be removed due to regular wear and abrasions.


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Kit Review – Hobby Fan British Infantry Riding Churchill Tank, Four Figure Set

May 04, 2011 Reviews Dean
Hobby Fan 590 - British Infantry Riding Churchill Tank Resin figures came about to fulfill the need for figures that actually looked like people and not toys in a time when companies like Italeri and Tamiya were the main providers of injection moulded…

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