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Wood Effect

December 07, 2010 Painting Guides Tony Lee
 I sprayed a coat of Model Master acrylic "Wood" as a base coat on the stowage box and let that dry overnight

How to make Photo Etch Hinges

January 20, 2011 Guides Tony Lee
As promised,a "How I Do It" for making workable PE hinges. Here's your typical pair of PE hinge plates. The first thing I do is curl up the tabs or fingers with a dental pick. You could use what ever you've got to do this if you like. Lace the two halves…


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Kit Review – Miniart Brick Wall

May 03, 2011 Reviews Dean
Miniart 35547 – Brick Wall One of the great things about bricks is that they are pretty universally used and they have pretty much stayed the same in their basic shape and material for over one hundred years. So a brick wall in Tet in 1968 doesn’t look that…

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