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Painting Techniques for a Realistic Canopy

December 08, 2010 Painting Guides Gary Fowkes
Painting Techniques for a Realistic Canopy A detailed canopy is one of the most attractive features of a finished scale model aircraft. You may want to pay close attention to this part of the process. Smudged frames, scratches, stained or dirty glass and…

Using Acrylic Floor Varnish

December 08, 2010 Guides Gary Fowkes
Using Acrylic Floor Varnish Uses for Johnson's Future/Klear floor polish/varnish


Kit Review – Miniart Village Accessories

April 15, 2011 Reviews Dean Pattison
Miniart 35539 – Village Accessories Model builders come in varying degrees when it comes to the completion of their work. From those who build strictly straight from the box to those who build dioramas worthy of supporting minature live people. Somewhere to…