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Painting Techniques for a Realistic Canopy

December 08, 2010 Painting Guides Gary Fowkes
Painting Techniques for a Realistic Canopy A detailed canopy is one of the most attractive features of a finished scale model aircraft. You may want to pay close attention to this part of the process. Smudged frames, scratches, stained or dirty glass and…

Modelling with Fruilmodel Tracks

December 08, 2010 Guides Tony Lee
Since I use Friulmodel tracks on so many of my self propelled gun tanks the management ask me if I would write up a little something as to just how I assemble and color these base metal tracks. For tanks that have the live track system such as Shermans these…


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Kit Review – MiniArt Metal Stairs

May 09, 2011 Reviews Dean
MiniArt 35525 – Metal Stairs Those of you who know the full range of sizes made by Evergreen have probably built something like this somewhere along the way. It’s one of those things that up until now if you’ve wanted one you really didn’t have any choice…