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RLM Conversion chart

September 11, 2011 Painting Guides Declan
RLM Num. Name Mr Colour Humbrol lifecolour polyscale Revell Tamiya Vallejo 01 silber/silver 191 X-11 or XF-16 70.997/171
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Tools of the Trade

November 29, 2010 Guides Administrator
Scalpel: A very fine and very sharp knife used for cutting and trimming components. A scalpel can be used to cut items from sprues, trim away excess flash, trim off sprue runner feed points, scrape excess dried glue from a join or to open up holes. The blades…


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Kit Review – Miniart River Embankment Section

May 06, 2011 Reviews Dean
Miniart 36044 – River Embankment Section Miniart are probably best known for their vacu-formed diorama buildings and their excellent range of injection moulded figure sets, and over the past year they have begun bringing us a lot of new diorama accessories…

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