The Oliver Publishing Group is a book publisher based in Australia who provide a high quality range of reference books on armour. They began trading as The Oliver Publishing Group in May of 2009 when they broke with The Factory Publishing ( themselves a publisher of armour related books ). To The Last Bullet ; Germany’s War On 3 Fronts, Part 1 – The East is the first in the “In Colour” series ( and presumably the first in a trilogy covering each of the three fronts ) which  feature mostly colour illustrations complemented by a few black and white period photos and a small amount of text.

If you’re familiar with the older Panzer Colour series of books then this one is in a similar vein but with more emphasis on the colour images, which are better done, and the addition of organisational maps and tables ( plus the added bonus of being better researched ). The quality of the black and white photos that are included is very good, with the clean-up of the originals done extremely well, giving good clear images. In fact the overall physical quality of the book itself is very high.


The first and last four pages offer a brief synopsis of the German Army in the East from mid-1944 onward and include a full page map ofthe Eastern Front on June 1944, a full page table outlining Panzer Unit AFV strength in May 1944, a second complementary full page table outlining Panzer Unit AFV strength in March 1945, a full page flowchart showing the make-up of a Panzer Division in 1944, and a similar halfpage flowchart showing the make-up of a Panzer Regiment in 1944. The inside back-cover rounds out the maps and tables with a full page map of Berlin and the Oder Front on 15th April 1945 showing who was where just before the bell rang for the final time.


The rest of the book, plus the back cover, are made up of colour artwork vehicle profiles with two to three profiles per page supplemented with inset detail drawings and divisional and regimental emblems ( all also in colour of course ). These cover the principal vehicles -StuGs, Tigers, Panthers, Sd.Kfz.251s, and Pz.Kpfw.IVs - and there is also profiles of a couple of beutepanzer, a Sherman and a T48/SU-57 for those who are looking to model something a little different.


This is a very good book and one that I found particularly useful in helping to put together a bit of information I needed for a specific build. Whilst the internet will alwys be a huge source of reference material you really can’t overstate the value of a well researched book, such as this, covering a specific unit/theatre/operation.


Author : Dennis Oliver
 Publisher : Oliver Publishing Group ( )
Pages : 34 containing B&W Photos and colour artwork plates
Binding : Softcover
Size : 212mm x 297mm
ISBN : 978-0-9806593-0-6



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