Miniart 35539 – Village Accessories


Model builders come in varying degrees when it comes to the completion of their work. From those who build strictly straight from the box to those who build dioramas worthy of supporting minature live people. Somewhere to the right of middle are those of us who like to display out models on a diorama but don’t necessarily want to spend two years building it. Up till recently when you’ve wanted something other than a grass field and needed small accessories for your diorama and you can’t, or don’t want to, make your own you’ve been pretty much limited to the resin manufacturers and the accompanying prices. Which is where kits like this come in.


This kit is just a small one, two medium sized grey sprues, but it provides you with a number of of extremely handy small items with which to decorate a small rural building style diorama ( whenever I look at the cover art I immediately see those scenes of German Armour parked in and around Eastern European villages with the wide open areas, small buildings, wooden fences and assorted tables, chairs, buckets etc ).  It’s also a very cheap kit, costing a lot less than a lot of figure sets.

Both sprues are the same so in total you get two wooden bench seats, a wooden picnic type table, two wooden ladders and a wooden fence which is made up of two short lengths, two long lenghts and four posts. There is also a set of hinges and two latches ( one spare from doubling up ) which allow you to turn one of the short sections into a gate if you want by adding these and a cross member ( again you get two of  these but only use one ). The instructions are printed on the reverse of the box as clear line drawings.

The mouldings are sharp, my set had a small ammount of flash on some parts but nothing that isn’t easily cleaned up in the normal course of building. There are also some minor mould seams and sinkholes to clean up but again nothing overly challenging. The nail holes and bolt details are all there which makes picking them out when painting very easy, and all the parts include fine woodgrain detail ( for those who like this feature, I’m not fussed on such things as I find I still need to paint the grain anyway ).

I’m sure that it could easily be argued that these sorts of things can be scratchbuilt from the likes of Basswood, and I’m sure they could, but if you don’t wish to spend several days getting all your fence palings looking the same then this is a great little set that allows you to add a fair bit of interest to a diorama setting with a minimum of time and effort, and considering how cheap these sets are every diorama builder should have a couple sitting in the stash.


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